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35 - 50% off retail. Free Shipping on 5+ lb. orders.

Who we are

For the past decade, we have traveled the world, sourcing and roasting the best coffee possible. This isn't your stale grocery store coffee or your grandparent's over-roasted bitter coffee from a tin can. This is perfectly ripe, hand picked, expertly processed and small batch roasted specialty coffee.  The top 1% of coffee from around the world, sold for 40-55% below retail prices.  Fresh roasted to order and sent direct to your door. 

No cool brand. Just good coffee.

We are pretty bad designers and marketers. Lucky for us, we are pretty good at roasting coffee. We skiped the fancy packaging and slick branding, so we could offer the best price on specialty coffee around.

After all, its whats in the bag, not whats on the bag, that matters.


Why are your prices so cheap?

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These are the same 84+ point coffees that are sold by other specialty coffee roasters. Sourced from the same farms and importers. We are able to offer the same quality at lower prices by doing the following:

No middlemen. We buy from farmers and importers and sell directly to our customers. No distributors, retail stores, subscription services charging markup.

No cool brand, No fancy packaging. We're bad at marketing, so we are sticking to what we are good at: coffee. 

Big bags, Big Savings. The more you buy, the more you save. 10 lb+ orders get the same wholesale prices that stores and cafes get.

Why are your prices so expensive?

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We sell "specialty" quality coffee. We do our best to offer these coffees at wholesale pries that cant be beat.

When compared to "commodity" coffee our prices may not seem any cheaper. "Commodity" coffee is produced with little regard for flavor or quality via a supply chain that is geared towards mass production. These coffees get stale sitting in warehouses and on store shelves. The result is burnt and bitter coffee lacking of any acidity, sweetness or flavor.

How long is coffee fresh for?

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We recommend drinking coffee within 30 days of it being roasted to get the highest quality. That said, drinking within 60 days will still result in a delicious brew.

Our bags come with the roast date on the bag and are resealable to maximize freshness. Please store out of the sunlight. 

What is specialty coffee?

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Like wine, coffee is tasted and graded on a 100 point scale to determine its quality. Coffees that score above 80 points are considered "specialty". These coffees are full of flavor, sweetness and acidity that result in a delicious brew.

Only a small amount of the coffee that is grown worldwide hits this
80+ mark. It takes hard work and attention to detail all along the supply chain to produce. Proper varietal selection, soil management, and hand picking of coffees cherries are all labor intensive tasks performed by farmsers. Addtionally, careful processing and roasting in small batches is necessary to complete the process.

What do the "points" refer to in the info graphics?

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The 100 point grading scale is used to determine the quality of a coffee.
Acidity, sweetness, flavor, aftertaste and body are among the different
attributes that graded to determine the final score. Any coffee above 80
points is considered specialty. Coffees that are scored above 85 points are truely outstanding and are the top 1% of all coffee grown world wide.

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